Modeling and Simulation to understand the physical world

Responsables scientifiques: 
Christophe Picard (LJK), Laurent Desbat (TIMC)

Today, the most pressing technological, environmental, and health care problems call for predictive numerical models that can describe systems of increasing complexity and enable real-time simulations. Real-time computations are a prerequisite for controlling and acting on systems. The complexity may arise from the nonlinear coupling of several physical phenomena, interacting on several spatial and time scales, from high-dimensionality and from noisy data sets. The goal of this action is to propose new numerical models and simulation methods for complex physical systems. Four dimensions of complexity are considered:

  • Multi-scale, multi-physics modeling

  • Uncertainties in modeling

  • Numerical methods and High-performance computing

  • Optimization and inverse problems

Comité scientifique: 
Eric Blayo (LJK), Laurent Desbat (TIMC), Eric Dumas (IF), Christophe Picard (LJK), Jean-Louis Roch (LIG), Adeline Samson Leclercq (LJK), Isabelle Sivignon (GIPSA-LAB)