G-SCOP (UMR 5272)

Laboratoire des Sciences pour la conception, l'optimisation et la production de Grenoble
(Laboratory of Sciences for Design, Optimization and production in Grenoble)

Lab home-page : http://www.g-scop.grenoble-inp.fr
Activity report
AERES evaluation report : Report May 2010 (pdf, 331,93 ko)
Publications'URLs : G-SCOP's publications
Seeking solutions to the scientific challenges posed by continual mutations in the industrial world, by applying knowledge engineering and theoretical research in optimization to a research domain that ranges from product design to production systems management.
Domains Optimization and production systems
Integrated design
Highlights Multidisciplinary teams
New methods and tools for capturing Uncertainty and Instability and Collaboration between distributed players.
One of the main French laboratories for optimization and combinatorics
AERES assessment A "The panel of skills combined in G-SCOP laboratory goes from the more theoretical aspects of optimization, to the design of products and to the association of manufacturing and lifecycle processes. This asset allows G-SCOP to pursue sharp disciplinary researches and fruitful researches "in the interfaces", which are frequently necessary to approach production/manufacturing systems; those problems are rarely addressed by domain-centered laboratories. The synergy of additional and complementary skills, the mobilized human resources and the original thematic orientation provide an excellent visibility and a clear scientific credit to G-SCOP."
Faculty 50
Researchers 6
Habilitation 33
"Produisants AERES" 79%
PhD students 64
Publications (average per year) Journals : 52
Conferences : 71
Funding K€
Mean value per year
1 045

The G-SCOP laboratory was established in January 2007, bringing together researchers from combinatorial optimization and operations research, automatic discrete event systems, and mechanical engineering. Its scope ranges from product design to the management of production systems. The objective is to define new models, new methods of analysis and optimization, and, more generally, new tools to investigate these issues. G-SCOP is structured along two axes:"Optimization and Production Systems" and "Integrated Design". The first one aims to improve the design and management of production systems through modeling, model analysis and the development of powerful optimization tools, and the second one to improve product design through research into product life-cycle activities, design tools and design processes. G-SCOP laboratory has a very strong national and international visibility in the domains of Combinatorial Optimization and Product Process Design, illustrated by two recent very large European projects: Andras Sebo led the Marie-Curie Combinatorial Optimization project, and Frederic Noel leads VISIONAIR (Advanced Infrastructure Vision Research - FP7 Infrastructure European Project), a European platforms infrastructure of over 25 nodes. This infrastructure provides the wider research community with facilities for visualization and collaborative engineering, bringing together 25 partners from 12 European countries. G-SCOP is involved in more than 50 contracts, in the form of institutional funding or industrial contracts, at a regional, national, and European level. The total amount is more than 5M€. In addition, the laboratory has initiated the development of four companies, as a reference laboratory of Grenoble Alpes Incubation (GRAIN).