Master Scholarships

PERSYVAL M2 Scholarships (academic year 2023-2024)


The "Université Grenoble Alpes", through its excellence center (LabEx) PERSYVAL, funds a scholarship program for attracting exceptional candidates in the second year of one of its master's degree related to the PERSYVAL disciplines: Computer Science, Control, Mathematics and Signal Processing.

This grant of €8,000 is intended to support excellent students whose income is insufficient to cover their fees and who wish to obtain a master's degree from the "Université de Grenoble Alpes" and then apply to a doctoral program within one of the laboratories associated with PERSYVAL. A maximum of 10 grants will be allocated for each academic year.

To be eligible, candidates are expected to apply and be accepted in one of the Master's programs as listed below

Important :

  • Students interested in the scholarship must first and only apply to the desired master's programs, following their application requirements
  • Students not accepted in the desired Master's program are not eligible for the scholarship
  • The PERSYVAL Scholarship selection will take place in early June 2023
  • Candidates who will be awarded a PERSYVAL Scholarship will be notified by June 12th, 2023

Award conditions :

  • Master 2 programs include 2 semesters : approximately 5 months of courses (September to January) and 5 months of internship (February to June).
  • The scholarship is allocated for 2 semesters (€4,000 each semester).
    After the master's registration (end of August / September) €800  x 5 months are allocated for the 1st semester.
    In January each allocated student has to attest that his/her internship will be performed in one of the laboratories associated with PERSYVAL.
    The scholarship can then be given for the 2nd semester (€800 x 5 months).
    If the student does not perform his/her internship in one of the laboratories associated with PERSYVAL, then the scholarship cannot be extended for the 2nd semester (total amount given for the 1st semester is then €4,000, instead of the €8,000 in total for a full academic year).

Application :

  • There is no specific form to apply for PERSYVAL Scholarship. The application is done throw the desired MASTER's application.