Delivered PhDs funded by PERSYVAL-lab

Call : 2016

[Co-supervised thesis] Cong Bang HUYNH 06/27/2019 Méthodes combinatoires en mécanique statistique

[Project-Team Caserm] Stephan PLASSART 06/16/2020 On-line optimization in dynamic real-time systems

[Project-Team DeCoRe] Anuvabh DUTT 12/17/2019 Incremental Learning for Visual Recognition

[Project-Team Persyvact2] Karina ASHURBEKOVA 12/20/2019 High-dimensional robust structure learning

[Project-Team RHUM] Omar Samir MOHAMMED 11/12/2019 Acquiring Humain Robot Interaction skills with transfer learning techniques

Call : 2015

[Co-supervised thesis] Jérémy WAMBECKE 10/22/2018 Temporal Data Visualization in Natural Environments

[Co-supervised thesis] Valentin REIS 09/28/2018 When Statistical Learning and Optimization meets HPC

[Co-supervised thesis] Jocelyn MEYRON 10/16/2018 Geometric methods for the conception of components in nonimaging optics

[Project-Team e-BaCCuSS] Fairouz ZOBIRI 02/15/2019 Optimization of the sampling for event-based control and signal processing

[Project-Team HEAVEN] Georgios CHRISTODOULIS 12/05/2019 Adaptation of a HPC runtime system to FPGA

Call : 2014

[Co-supervised thesis] Yuko SASA 01/26/2018 Intelligence from Socio-Affects of Robot

[Co-supervised thesis] TSOU Chun-Hsiang 12/22/2017 Target identification using electroreception

[Co-supervised thesis] MICHEL Thibaud 11/10/2017 Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Smart Cities

[Co-supervised thesis] ESPITIA HOYOS Nicolás 09/22/2017 Event-based control of networks modeled by infinite-dimensional systems

[Project-Team Khronos] Dmitrii OSTROVSKII 01/11/2018 Distributed Recovery of Time-varying signals with unknown local structure

Call : 2013

[Co-supervised thesis] VAUTHRIN Margaux 07/03/2017 Photoacoustic imaging

[Co-supervised thesis] DAVIET Gilles 12/15/2016 Modeling and Simulating Complex Materials subject to Frictional Contact

[Co-supervised thesis] CHIANCONE Alessandro 10/28/2016 Sequential dimension reduction via Sliced Inverse Regression

[Co-supervised thesis] CHEN Jing tao 01/30/2017 Biomechanical analysis of different aspects in virtual reality. Application

[Project-Team Galois] Vincent DESPRE 10/18/2016 Topology and Algorithms on Combinatorial Maps

[Project-Team LBA] Armelle BAUER 11/10/2016 Living Book of Anatomy : model and user mapping

[Project-Team SCCyPhy] Amrit KUMAR 10/20/2016 Security and Privacy of Hash-Based Software Applications

Call : 2012

[Co-supervised thesis] BEREKMÉRI Mihály 11/18/2015 Distributed Control of Adaptive Cloud Services

[Co-supervised thesis] LAMARE Pierre-Olivier 09/28/2015 Modelling, Simulation and control of hyperbolic systems with switching

[Co-supervised thesis] SRIVASTAV Abhinav 02/16/2017 Multi-Objective Optimization for Resource Management in Multi-Core systems