Institut Fourier (IF, UMR 5582)

Institut Fourier
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AERES evaluation report : Report May 2010 (pdf, 277,59 ko)
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Fundamental research into pure mathematics, utilizing a flexible structure to facilitate interactions between international caliber research themes, with a strong commitment to education and knowledge transfer.
Themes Algebra and geometries
Combinatorics and didactics
Differential geometry
Mathematical physics
Number theory
Highlights and distinctions Jean-Pierre Demailly Senior member of IUF since 2002, a permanent member of the French Academy of Sciences since 2007, recipient of the Simion Stoilow Prize of the Romanian Academy in 2006
Gérard Besson Recipient of the Alexandre Joannidès Prize of the French Academy of Sciences in 2006
Michel Brion Recipient of the CNRS Silver Medal in 1999, and of the Alexandre Joannidès Prize of the French Academy of Sciences in 2010
Philippe Eyssidieux Junior member of IUF since 2010
Bernard Malgrange (emeritus) Permanent member of the French Academy of Sciences
Yves Colin de Verdière (emeritus) Former senior member of IUF, and member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2004
AERES assessment A+ "Institut Fourier is one of the top laboratories of pure mathematics in France in view of the outstanding quality of its scientific activity and its doctoral supervision. Some of the thematic groups are of first-class international level. Institut Fourier maintains a remarkably well-managed library of national scope and very high quality, and an internationally recognized mathematical journal (Annales de l'Institut Fourier). Since 1992, it organizes a well-attended annual summer school; its proceedings, often published or available on-line, form an impressive collection of courses. This configuration is an exception in France and provides excellent working conditions, a very great influence and a remarkable attractivity to the laboratory."
Faculty 63
Researchers 13
Habilitation 16
"Produisants AERES" 82%
PhD students 59
Publications (average per year) Journals : 92
Funding K€
Mean value per year


Among the mathematical laboratories in France, Institut Fourier is distinguished by the breadth and quality of its research themes. Each theme is organized around a weekly seminar, which attracts many external speakers. The seminars Algebra and Geometries and Spectral Theory and Geometry figure prominently in view of their long-standing tradition and wide attractiveness; the latter publishes a yearly volume of proceedings. These themes are interconnected, encouraging a high level of interaction and collaborations with other scientific domains, most notably with Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. The laboratory's flexible structure facilitates the continuity between research domains and the emergence of innovative projects. This is illustrated by the recruitment of recent years, which has allowed young colleagues to develop new topics such as geometric group theory, mathematical aspects of general relativity and of mirror symmetry, optimal transportation.

IF has a strong record of international collaboration, hosting some 15 visiting scientists each year via UJF or CNRS supported invitations. The members of IF take part in numerous editorial boards of journals. Annales de l'Institut Fourier is one of the prominent mathematical journals in France. It publishes about 2,500 pages each year, and is widely circulated (more than 400 subscriptions and 200 exchanges). The annual European Summer School of Mathematics is organized at IF, with topics chosen each year and related to the research themes of the laboratory. This three-week session attracts more than 100 participants from all parts of the world. IF maintains a library of national standing as one of five reference libraries of mathematics in France, and stocks about 35,000 books and 650 journals. The members of IF currently take part in 14 ANR contracts altogether, 8 of which are now managed at IF.