Pervasive Computing Systems => Cyber-Physical Systems

Scientific managers: 
- Federica Garin (Inria/Gipsa-Lab) - Alain Girault (Inria/LIG) (jusqu'en 2022) ; - Hassen Fourati (Gipsa-lab) (à partir de 2023)

The strong separation of computation from physicality is not affordable for developing cost-effective embedded systems with predictable or guaranteed performances. Furthermore, we need to develop new distributed control and monitoring techniques to cope with the distributed nature of physical systems and processes. In addition, new forms of systems and services must be devised that respond to the needs and adapt to the context of human activities in ambient intelligence environments.


The proposed action will address these problems along four complementary dimensions.

  • Distributed reconfigurable control

  • Autonomous embedded systems

  • Dynamic component-based middleware

  • Robust and dependable embedded systems

Scientific committee: 
- Laurent Fesquet (Tima) - Hassen Fourati (Gipsa-lab) - Federica Garin (Gipsa/Inria) - Alain Girault (LIG/Inria) - Jean-Paul Jamont (LCIS) - Renaud Lachaize (LIG) - Cédric Lauradoux (Inria) - Suzanne Lesecq (CEA) - Claire Maiza (Verimag) - Stéphane Mancini (Tima) - Bogdan Robu (Gipsa) - Gwen Salaun (LIG) -