Authoring Augmented Reality

Scientifics responsibles: 
Laurence Nigay (LIG), Gérard Bailly (Gipsa-lab)

The goal of this research action is to use augmented reality to interactively create, add and control new content, directly in the physical world. More precisely, our purpose is to propose new models, tools, algorithms and multimodal user-interfaces for authoring augmented reality experiences or future physical objects, directly in situ. We will mostly focus on the visual augmentation of the physical world but also consider the help to vocal communication.

We will focus on the following challenges:

  • Real-time capture and simulation of the real world.

  • Representation and editing of virtual prototypes

  • Natural interaction with the augmented world

Scientific committee: 
Dominique Attali (Gipsa_lab), Gérard Bailly (Gipsa_lab), Denis Beautemps (Gipsa_lab), Gérard Besson/Hervé Pajot (Institut Fourier), Luc Biard (LJK), James Crowley (LIG/Inria), Nicolas Holzchuch (Inria/LJK), Jacques Lemordant (LIG/Inria). Frédéric Noel (GScop), Franck Quaine (Gispa_lab), Bruno Raffin (Inria/LIG), Jean-Sébastien Franco (Inria/ LJK), Jocelyne Troccaz (TIMC).