Authoring Augmented Reality => Interaction, Perception and Usage

Scientific managers: 
Sophie Dupuy-Chessa (LIG) , Franck Quaine (Gipsa-Lab)

The growing interest for interactive systems that combine the digital and physical environments (including robots) comes from the dual need of users to both benefit from computers and stay in contact with the physical world. With the formidable expansion of increasingly interactive digital-physical environments, we can imagine the number of interactive systems we use during one day! The range of possibilities for designing physical-digital interactive systems is thus wide. The axis “Interaction, Perception and Usage” aims at the design, the development, and the evaluation of interactive systems that combine the digital and physical environments.


The main challenges that will be addressed are related to:

  • Robotics in Human Environments (RHE): Artificial Perception, HumanAware Navigation, Social Interaction
  • Graphics, Mixed Reality and Multimodality (GMRM): 2D/3D graphics environments, virtual environments, mixed reality, interaction techniques and multimodal interaction.
Scientific committee: 
- Sophie Dupuy-Chessa (LIG) - Nicolas Holzchuch (LJK) - Frédéric Noël (G-Scop) - Damien Pellier (LIG) - Sergi Pujades (LJK) - Franck Quaine (Gispa-lab) - Anne Spalanzani (INRIA) - Jocelyne Troccaz (TIMC)