Jean Kuntzmann Prize

Mathematical and Computational Sciences in Grenoble:
The Jean Kuntzmann Prize

The Jean Kuntzmann Prize was created in memory of Professor Jean Kuntzmann. A pioneer of the development of Mathematical and Computational sciences in France in the 1950's, Jean Kuntzmann had the vision of a continuum of fields from mathematics to computer science, robotics and signal processing, that helped shape and give international visibility to the Grenoble community.


The Jean Kuntzmann Prize is awarded to academics who have made exceptional scientific contributions, which may be transverse to the fields of mathematics, computer science, or operational research, and who, like Jean Kuntzmann, are interested in applying their research to solve some of our society's problems.

  • The Prize winners are recognized for their original and remarkable scientific work, carried out outside of the University Grenoble-Alpes,
  • Their contributions, originating from mathematics and computer science, have an impact that goes beyond the boundaries of these fields,
  • These contributions reflect their authors' sensitivity to applications and to societal challenges.

The first winners were

  • In 2014: Emmanuel Candès, Barnum-Simons Professor at Stanford University, (view more)
  • In 2016: Joachim Weickert, Professor at the University of the Saarland. (view more)
  • In 2018: Eva Tardo, Professor at Cornell University. (view more).

What is in the Prize ?

The prize winners are invited to visit one of the research units associated to PERSYVAL-Lab for a week, during which they give a series of lectures. These lectures are open to faculty and students of all the departments of mathematics/computer science. The prize winners also give a comprehensive lecture of their contribution to a larger audience, during an award ceremony organized in the auditorium of the renowned Grenoble Museum.

During their visit, the winners have the occasion to visit several research units, to meet investigators and students, creating an opportunity to host top international scientists in our laboratories, and to initiate collaborations and student exchanges with them. The Prize also contributes to the attractiveness of Grenoble: its winners will make excellent ambassadors of our math/computer science community, as they will be able to testify to the quality of our work and to the dynamism of our teams!

Laureate selection

Concerning the nomination of the winners, a prize committee has been created, that submits a list of candidates to the scientific committee of the LabEx PERSYVAL-Lab, which then makes the final selection.