LOcalization teChniques for pedestriAn navigaTion based on inErtial MEasurements in indoor environments


Abstract. We investigate the precision of attitude estimation algorithms in the context of pedestrian navigation with commodity smartphones and their inertial/magnetic sensors.

Scientific Results. We consider typical motions of smartphones when carried by pedestrians. We use a ground truth obtained from a motion capture system. We report on an extensive comparison and experimental analysis of existing algorithms for attitude estimation. Our experiments shed light, for the first time, on the relative impacts of calibrations, noises, bias, motions, magnetic perturbations, and sampling rates
when estimating attitude on smartphones.

Scientific Outcome. We conduct further research on the topic with the ongoing PhD thesis of Thibaud Michel at UGA on Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Smart Cities.
Coordinators: Pierre Genevès, LIG, pierre.geneves@cnrs.fr
                       Hassen Fourati, GIPSA-lab, hassen.fourati@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr

Most significant publication.
T. Michel, P. Genevès, H. Fourati, N. Layaïda.On Attitude Estimation with Smartphones, IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), March 2017.

Website: http://tyrex.inria.fr/mobile/benchmarks-attitude/