2nd Grenoble Workshop on Autonomic Computing and Control

Location: GIPSA-lab, Seminary room *(2nd floor B208- Grenoble campus)

Adaptive and reconfigurable computing systems are becoming widespread, and have the particularity to be able to change their computing structure dynamically, in response to changes in their environment or execution platform. Motivations for the adaptivity are found in resource management, energy efficiency, or functionality. Autonomic Computing in an approach to automate the management of adaptation, with a better handling of complexity and responsiveness. The design of the reconfiguration controllers requires methods, models and tools, in order to have safe and predictable behaviors of the automated systems. 
This workshop follows the first edition from may 27, 2014, with presentations from different points of view on the topic, from software architectures to Control Theory approaches.

date: tuesday 04 november 2014

place : in Grenoble, on the campus (exact location to come)

supported by the STAARS (Supervisory Techniques for Autonomic, Adaptive and Reconfigurable Systems) projet exploratoire (march 2013 – sept. 2014) of the LabEx Persyval-lab

public: anyone interested in the control of computing systems from the control theory community and informatics, 

Free attendance but compulsory inscription here :


 9.30 - Eric Rutten : Introduction
  9.45 - Danny Weyns (Linnaeus University, Sweden)  : "Self-Adaptation: MAPE-K and Control Theory" - slides
10.30 - Antonio Filieri (Stuttgart U., Germany) : "Automated Control for Self-Adaptive Software Design" - slides
11.15 - break and chatting
11.30 - Daniel Simon (LIRMM, Montpellier) : "Mating control and computing" - slides
12.15 - Ludovic Henrio (I3S/Inria, Sophia-Antipolis) : "Programming and Verifying Distributed and Adaptable Autonomous Components with GCM/ProActive"  - slides
13.00 - break and lunch
14.00 - Maxime Louvel & François Pacull (CEA LETI) : "Resource based coordination middleware, in the context of autonomic computing" - slides
14.45 - Fabienne Boyer & Olivier Gruber (LIG Grenoble) : "Robust Reconfiguration Protocol for Component Assemblies" - slides
15.30 - break and chatting
16.00 - Frederico Alvares & Eric Rutten (INRIA Grenoble) & Lionel Seinturier (LIFL / INRIA Lille) : "High-level language support for the control of reconfigurations in component-based architectures" - slides
16.45 - all : discussion
17.30 - Eric Rutten : closing

organisation :

Eric Rutten, INRIA
Stéphane Mocanu, Gipsa-lab
Bogdan Robu, Gipsa-lab





1st Grenoble Workshop on Autonomic Computing and Control


date: tuesday 27 may 2014

place : in Grenoble, on the campus, MJK (Maison Jean Kuntzmann)

supported by the STAARS (Supervisory Techniques for Autonomic, Adaptive and Reconfigurable Systems)
projet exploratoire (march 2013 – sept. 2014) of the LabEx Persyval-lab

public: anyone interested in the Labex Persyval-lab, and in Grenoble, and beyond


confirmed speakers :

- Karl-Erik Arzen (Lund, Sweden)
“Service-Level Awareness in Cloud Applications” - slides

- Alberto Leva (Milano, Italy)
“Feedback control loops as a means to improve/achieve adaptiveness”

- Ada Diaconescu ( Telecom Paris-Tech, France)
“Towards a Generic Architecture for Open, Scalable and Multi-Objective Autonomic Systems”

- Filip Krikava (LIFL / INRIA Lille)
"Integrating Adaptation Mechanisms Using Control Theory Centric Architecture Models" - slides

- Suzanne Lesecq (CEA LETI) (& D. Puschini & E. Beigné)
“Application of control theory to ManyProcessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC)” - slides

- Didier Donsez (LIG)
“Simple but useful dynamic adaptation in the OSGi service-oriented platform”

- Bogdan Robu (GIPSA) (& Mihaly Berekmeri & Damián Serrano & Sara Bouchenak & Nicolas Marchand)
“A Control Approach for Performance of Big Data Systems”

- Eric Rutten (& Soguy Gueye & Noël de Palma & Gwenaël Delaval)
“Modular coordination of multiple autonomic managers” - slides

organisation :
Eric Rutten, INRIA
Stéphane Mocanu, Gipsa-lab