CerViCale (Centre de ressources en Vision et Calcul embarqué), hosted by the FabMSTIC, provides educational ressources for embedded computer vision.

The ressources includes cameras and embedded computers such as the well know Raspeberry Pi, for low-cost prototyping and embedded solutions, as well as the thrilling Nvidia Jetson TX2 embedded GPU which provides more than 1.5 TeraFlops performance.

CerVicale also provides some educational material such as howtos, labs and  hands-on training.

In order both to fulfill most computer vision needs and to be compliant with the mainstream, the technical material is provided as Python code.

The available hardware (150 RaspberryPi + camera, 10 Nvidia Jetson TX2 + camera) is at disposal on request for lab's teacher as well as for FabMSTIC users who need embedded computing.


Associated projects and teaching units: 

2017: Available embedded vision systems

RaspberryPi + camera

NVidia Jetson TX2

2017: ENSIMAG  students built a Delta Robot with a RaspBerry Pi and camera

A Delta Robot made in FabMSTIC