FabMSTIC is the first significant fablab on the University of Grenoble campus. The development of FabMSTIC was motivated by the successful experiences of two micro-fablabs: the AIR platform and Ensimag's fablab. These have joined together to form the FabMSTIC platform. Though it is officially attached to the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG), it is open to the entire university community. Students and teachers, researchers and PhD students, student entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to work on innovative technological projects can use the facility. 

The main objective is to allow users to go from an idea to a concrete object. They are trained in the use of the various rapid prototyping machines of the workshop (3D printer, laser cutter, cutting vinyl, ...). The fablab promotes a "do it yourself" (DIY) philosophy. Thanks to this method, people quickly understand the difficulties and constraints related to the design of their object.

Associated projects and teaching units: 

UE et projets : 48 student projects have been supported by the fabMSTIC during the period of 2013 à 2014.