REGIS stands for "Retour d'Effort et Génération d'Images Stéréoscopiques", which translates to "haptic feedback and stereo image rendering". This PERSYVAL funding is used to complement the Ensimag "fablab" room. The fablab offers technical means for student to experiment with new forms of computing. Student work in small groups (4-5 students) on topics that they chose. They can prototype virtual augmentations of the physical environment, new forms of human-computer interactions such as immersive 3D, tangible and gestural interaction, and large interactive surfaces.

This funding allows the offer students new hardware for the experimentation with haptic feedback (Phantom Omni) and visual immersion with 3D stereo rendering (high speed projector, high speed and high resolution display, shutter glasses, and depth cameras for tracking).

Associated projects and teaching units: 
  • Interactions post-WIMP, Ensimag 3A
  • Fablab et innovation, Ensimag 2A
  • Human-Centered Interaction, M2R MoSIG
  • Virtual Reality and User Interfaces, M2R MoSIG