The Living Book of Anatomy Project (LBA)

The “Living Book of Anatomy” (LBA)

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PERSYVAL-Lab Research Action: Authoring Augmented Reality 

In this Persyval team we propose to develop the « Living Book of Anatomy » also called LBA to see the working/acting body using Augmented Reality techniques. The idea is to capture a user action (limb movement, speech sound or orofacial movement) and to visualize information about how is the muscles that are responsible for it, superimposed onto the user image. Such tool could be used to facilitate learning anatomy for medicine students and to provide a interactive way for general public to discover human anatomy in action.

The assumption underlying this work is that experiencing the anatomical knowledge with his/her own body, or embodiment, could make its acquisition easier. We aim at evaluating this hypothesis as well as the interactive designed techniques on real medicine students. Another hypothesis is that the use of Augmented Reality could make the embodiment easier by a closer connection between models, knowledge and reality. Advances in numerical sciences, the development of web services, applications and the spread of smart phones and tablets in general and more specifically in the clinical world, resulted in quite a large collection of accessible data and applications describing anatomy or other medical knowledge but as far as we know, none of them bridges the gap between the user’s own body and this knowledge. more


Project coordinators :

  • Jocelyne Troccaz (GMCAO, TIMC)
  • Olivier Palombi (IMAGINE, LJK)
  • Violaine Cahouet (SAIGA, GIPSA)
  • Laurence Nigay (IIHM, LIG)

In collaboration with :