Modèles Structurés et Méthodes Algorithmiques pour l'analyse de Données Complexes et de Grande Dimension : Applications en Santé

Persyvact2 is a follow-up to the Persyvact exploratory project. Our collaborative research team aims at developing cutting edge data science methodologies to analyse large biomedical data. Persyvact2 consists of about 20 researchers from GIPSAlab, LJK and TIMC-IMAG. Coming from different fields related to data science (statistics, machine learning, image and signal processing), members of Persyvact2 will analyze biomedical data generated from neuroscience, genomics, and clinical trial research. The key structures of biomedical data that Persyvact 2 will exploit consist of graph structure, repeated experiments and their intrinsic lower dimensional representation.

The aim of Persyvact2 is to perform collaborative research and to bring together researchers of different scientific fields interested by data science. Persyvact2 intends to organize scientific events and an international workshop during its lifetime. Persyvact2 seeks to enhance the international visibility of data science in Grenoble.

Keywords: Computational and theoretical statistics; multimodal and heterogeneous data; image and signal processing; spatial analysis; graphical models; mixed models; learning; structure extraction; (non)super- vised classification; detection; point processes; large scale optimization; regularisation (convex or not, differentiable or not); Bayesian analysis; multiscale analysis; markov models; latent variables models; dimension reduction; sparseness; model selection; robustness; computational neuroscience; genetics; medical imaging. 

Seminars and meetings



  • Sophie Achard Gipsa-lab
  • Pierre-Olivier Amblard Gipsa-lab
  • Hacheme Ayasso Gipsa-lab
  • Caroline Bazzoli LJK
  • Michael Blum TIMC-IMAG
  • Jean Marc Brossier Gipsa-lab
  • Florent Chatelain Gipsa-lab
  • Laurent Condat Gipsa-lab
  • Michel Desvignes Gipsa-lab
  • Rémy Drouilhet LJK
  • Florence Forbes LJK
  • Olivier François TIMC-IMAG
  • Stéphane Girard LJK
  • Sophie Lambert TIMC-IMAG
  • Adeline Leclercq-Samson LJK
  • Frédérique Letué LJK
  • Julien Mairal LJK
  • Marie-José Martinez LJK
  • Olivier Michel Gipsa-lab
  • Nicolas Thierry-Mieg TIMC-IMAG
  • Laurent Zwald LJK


  • Michael Blum TIMC-IMAG
  • Adeline Leclercq-Samson LJK
  • Pierre-Olivier Amblard Gipsa-lab