AIR (Ambient Intelligence Room)


AIR (Ambient Intelligence Room) is a FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory), principally located in the Polytech Grenoble building, dedicated to students for inventing, designing and realizing projects of innovative applications and ambient intelligence objects in the context of their training or professional project. Students can borrow from AIR a wide variety of devices ranging from microcontrollers, sensors, game consoles and controllers, multimedia equipments, tablet computers, robots, UAVs… The available tools are: DIY supplies, Makerbot 3D-printer, milling machine, drill press, laser cutting machine and electronics development stations. Noticeable realizations include the robotics platform of telepresence RobAIR, small-scale models of smart house and smart campus, tactile tables…

Associated projects and teaching units: 
  • Elèves ingénieur Polytech 3A, 4A et 5A en TP et en projet (pluridisciplinaires et industriels) de semestre
  • L1 PEIP (stage Physical Computing)
  • M2PGI PM2M
  • Stage 5A d'incubation d'entreprise
  • Bachelors étranger pour le UJF Bachelor Summer Program.
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