LBA au CES 2016 à Las Vegas

Good job done by AnatoScope, a startup from UJF, CNRS and INRIA, who featured its biomechanics avatars at CES 2016 in Las Vegas using the Anatomy Mirror developed in collaboration with Persyval-Lab.

This demo, initiated in the context of the Living Book of Anatomy project, allows users to visualize their anatomy superimposed on their animated image, akin to an X-ray mirror.

A Kinect depth sensor captures the data and and analyzes the motion. A software developed by Armelle Bauer (UJF PhD funded by Persyval-lab) and Ali-Hamadi Dicko (INRIA & AnatoScope) improves the capture and superimposes a user-calibrated anatomy.  A video beamer is used to project the result.