FabEnsimag is a FabLab located at Ensimag. It works in close relationship with AIR (the FabLab from Polytech'Grenoble). Both Fablabs share several equipments and form a network with FabMSTIC (http://fabmstic.liglab.fr), the Fablab of the LIG laboratory. Within FabEnsimag, 2nd and 3rd year Ensimag students work on innovative projects on various topics: internet of things, smart objects, robots, etc. Students have access to a wide variety of devices: microcontrollers, sensors, game consoles and controllers, multimedia equipments, tablet computers, robots,… They also have access to several tools for rapid prototyping: Makerbot 3D-printer, milling machine, drill press, laser cutting machine and electronics development stations. 
Associated projects and teaching units: 
  • "FabLab et Innovation" en 2A Ensimag (environ 30 élèves par an)
  • "Projet Infrastructure Logicielle pour Bâtiment Intelligent" en 3A Ensimag (environ 35 étudiants par an)
  • "Projets de spécialité FabLab" en 2A Ensimag (environ 30 élèves par an).
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