Critical mass and excellence are distinguishing features of PERSYVAL-lab, which brings together researchers and faculty in control theory and automation, software systems, computer architecture and integrated circuits design, mathematics, applied mathematics, and signal processing as well as researchers and faculty in medical and human sciences. Grenoble is one of the main European research centers in all of these disciplines. PERSYVAL-lab creates the necessary alliance of the skills and expertise needed to master modern systems'heterogeneity, complexity, and interaction with physical world.
There is a fruitful traditional collaboration between PERSYVAL-lab engineering disciplines, mathematics, and medical and human sciences based on the synergy between the participating research laboratories (CEA-LIST, GIPSA-lab, G-SCOP, Institut Fourier, INRIA Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes, LAMA, LCIS, LIG, LJK, TIMA, TIMC, and VERIMAG), all evaluated A or A+ by the National Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (AERES). A Center for Integrative Research (CRI-PILSI), composed of joint industry-academia teams that address industrial needs, allows PERSYVAL-lab to create and nurture long-term industrial collaborations. This center will be shared with the IRT initiative "Nanoélectronique du futur".

Integrated Research Center / CRI (CEA, CNRS, Grenoble INP, INRIA, UJF)