Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems - Slides

Slides of the lectures


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You will find below the slides of the lectures.


Prof. Jean-Claude Bajard: Useful Arithmetic for Cryptography



Prof. Gilles Barthe and Prof. Yassine Lakhnech: Computer-Aided Cryptographic Design and Analysis



Prof. Manfred Broy: Model Based Software and Systems Engineering: Elements of Seamless Development



Prof. Olivier Coutelou: Sensor Networks for industrial usage

As per request of the speaker, the slides have been removed from the Website.


Dr. Julien Francq: Hardware Trojans: Taxonomy and Detection Methods



Prof. Kim Larsen and Prof. Alexandre David: Symbolic and Statistical Model-Checking in UPPAAL.



Dr. David Lesens: Modelling in an industrial context



Prof. Peter Marwedel: Efficient Computing in Cyber-Physical Systems



Prof. Doron Peled: Components based systems with probabilities



Prof. Pavithra Prabhakar: Formal Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems

Prabhakar.pdf Prabhakar.key (Keynote)


Dr. Emmanuel Prouff: Side Channel Analysis Based on Linear Regression: From Paper to Silicium


Prof. Oleg Sokolsky: Challenges in Medical CPS



Prof. Martin Törngren: Integrating Viewpoints in the Development of CPS



Prof. Jocelyne Troccaz: Medical CyberPhysical Systems in use: the example of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions



Prof. Thomas Watteyne: Standardizing the Internet of (Important) Things: IEEE802.15.4e Low-Power Mesh Technology and 6TSCH.

The author has requested his slides not to be uploaded.